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Record Sealing

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Section 2953.36(A) specifically excludes sexual offenses from record sealing. However, Sub. H.B. 431 revised O.R.C. 2953.36 to allow convictions under section 2907.04 of the Revised Code if a court has issued an order to terminate the offender's duty to register.

Record Sealing
O.R.C. 2953.31 through 2953.35


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Lesser Included Offenses

Section 2953.36 ONLY includes unlawful sexual conduct convictions to be sealed. Sub. H.B. 431 failed to address a conviction which includes charges under BOTH 2907.04  and 2907.05, 2907.06, 2907.07 or 2907.31, even though disseminating matter harmful to juveniles is not a registrable offense under section 2950.01(A) of the Revised Code.

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