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Abdulllah Alamin
Jun 30, 2022
In General Discussion
Means and how graphic design can collaborate for a brand to enter it. The circular economy is a strategy that attempts to reduce both the input of materials and the production of virgin waste. Through the linear economy, what we did until now was extract, create and throw away , and what the circular economy proposes is create, use, recycle. What is the circular economy and how to apply it to graphic design? two Summarize the circular economy cycle. Image of the Domestika course 'Introduction to Sustainable Graphic Design'. It is a cycle in which everything that enters complies with a circularity, that is, it re-enters the chain again and does not become waste. Search by complements, compounds, triads and more. Save your favorite palettes to use later, or browse libraries of popular palettes. 10 free color palette websites to find harmony and contrast 17 Adobe Colour. Color Contrast Check If your project requires jewelry retouching service contrast, for example, to know if the font color is legible against the background, in this tool you will be able to do your calculations. This site with a technical approach allows you to choose the size of your text for testing. 10 free color palette websites to find harmony and contrast 19 Color Contrast Check. colordot This site with a playful interface allows you to select the colors by hovering the mouse over the screen, as well as choosing their luminosity and saturation. You can also search for harmonies and contrasts, and save your experiments. 10 free color palette websites to find harmony and contrast 21 Colordot. If you want to learn more about the communicative resources of color to apply in your design projects, sign up for Leire and Eduardo's course, Color applied to graphic design .
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