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Jun 11, 2022
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The very nature of the New World economy means that there are few reliable ways to earn gold quickly in this game. There are many times in New World where players need to consider whether the item being crafted is more valuable than the individual resources that go into it. In fact, selling raw materials in bulk is more valuable than trying to divert small quantities of refined material. In the New World economy, "less valuable" materials can sometimes be more valuable than theoretically rare items. Therefore, players should never assume that refined materials are inherently more valuable than raw materials. It's worth noting that players absolutely need to be aware of current market prices at all times, rather than just assuming that some items are inherently more valuable. Players can also easily get a lot of New World Coins from Given the rapidly changing marketplace of MMOs, players shouldn't focus on specific items in New World, but an early surprise is the value of dyes in trading posts. As it turns out, not only are many players apparently enjoying being able to dye their garments, but dye is a high-value resource due to its strange connection to cooking skills. Players don't go all out at the moment, but do keep an eye out for opportunities to take advantage of this project to earn some quick New World Coins. More New World Coins can give players a bigger advantage, and players better not miss any opportunity to earn New World Coins. Also, harvesting is one of the most valuable skills in the game right now, simply because it seems like a lot of people underestimate it. Wood and ores are certainly consistent tools for earning New World Coins by New World standards, but even low-level herbs are sold at high prices simply because more people seem to be focusing on other things. While this will vary by server, Reaping seems to be one of the more reliable trading skills at the moment. In New World, players can use this skill to get more New World Coins. However, if players want to save time and effort, New World Coins can be purchased directly from They offer all players the lowest prices on the market, as well as the fastest delivery, allowing players to enjoy the game with ease while saving a lot of time and money. Related Articles: New World: The development philosophy behind Arenas revealed
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