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Apr 05, 2023
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The dual study program appears to many to be particularly demanding and demanding. Were you worri about the workload before you start studying if so, was that impression confirm the fact that I am ready for a lot of work, especially the combination of study and work, puts many people off. I haven't really notic this so far so it's not my concern. But I do think double majors are more time-consuming than normal studies precisely because you also have to work at the same time. But you can still do it pretty easily. I imagine it's more difficult for me than it is now. The biggest challenge is motivating myself to study at night. Yeah I have a basic idea that it's more work intensive because you work two days a week and go to college one day a week. But this has not been confirm. Of course, the current exam period is very stressful. So whatsapp mobile number list do other universities. But I also found that the weekly system is a lot more balanc. Since it is strictly separat you can allocate your time well. I've found the workload to be tolerable so far. Why would you recommend the dual study program to others I think it's a good employer as some of the staff already have experience with double degree study which means you can exchange ideas with each other. I also have a feeling we're seen as twins because there's no such thing as a classic coffee drink. The most important thing is that it brings us trust and I think that's good because it's not something that can be taken for grant. Are divid into business informatics and marketing and sales. A wide variety of topics no matter what field you work in, you can gain insight into your colleagues' fields of activity. Especially with team meetings that make it easier to start a career or the time after high school when you can really learn about all areas of the company. That's not the case with a lot of big companies where you're more in your own bubble and you don't really notice what's going on outside your own office. Where do you see your future after completing the dual study program how do you want to work so far I haven't thought much about it nor have a firm idea.
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