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Apr 10, 2022
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Today, there are still many APP developers who monetize their traffic looking for commercial platforms and tools, and some companies are hoping to get online traffic to break the growth bottleneck. The recent deployment of Internet giants in advertising alliances is worth noting; it is reported that Tencent Youlianghui The 2020 Developer Conference will be held online on December 22nd. Interested friends may wish to scan the code to follow. 4. Conclusion Digital advertising is the window and commercialization engine of the Internet economy. The advertising model is still the guarantee of the interests of most Internet projects and developers and content creators to provide free content. For the Internet head platform, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility; how to Making full use of the technical efficiency of the digital advertising alliance and meeting the business growth of advertisers text message service and the monetization needs of developers has a long way to go to make the Internet traffic ecology prosperous and active. Helping more companies profit from Internet traffic can demonstrate the nature of Internet business through data sharing to develop dividends. The development of advertising alliances is related to the overall situation of Internet survival and development. #Columnist# Reliable Axing (Li Xing), official account: Reliable Axing, technology self-media & media columnist, focusing on company business model research and Internet industry analysis, founder of Kaopuhui, personal WeChat account: kaopuhuiclub This article was originally published on Everyone is a Product Manager. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. The title image is from Unsplash, based on the CC0 protocol
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