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Apr 12, 2023
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We must also develop our capacities to arrive at clear and simplified visions of reality, which help us make decisions. Leadership and the abilities to structure and manage people and teams are also essential in organizations. Without people, companies are just empty shells unable to take any course or direction. Business decisions have people as their central axis, since these are at the center of the different factors that determine the success in the implementation of business strategies and objectives. Lastly, all issues related to companies' awareness and ethical, social and environmental responsibility are extremely important. In short, algorithms can be a Whatsapp Mobile Number List very powerful tool when it comes to making decisions and being able to make predictions about how to win a new market, communication, coordination, capacity, leadership model, etc. respond to a client, draw up plans, decide on our team, etc. They identify fundamental patterns that may escape mere human observation. The challenge, as M. Luca, J. Kleinberg and S. Mullainathan point out, is to understand its risks and limitations and, through effective management, unleash its extraordinary potential. Indeed, algorithms will help us envision the future, but they do not eliminate the need to be careful when establishing connections between cause and effect.
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