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hasan khan
Aug 02, 2022
In Questions & Answers
You’ve gotta remember that a lot of ‘em are new to your brand. While you know what you have to offer, these visitors don’t—and that gives you the chance to show off your stuff. There are many ways to build an information hierarchy that presents your top benefits first, but you can keep the process simple by offering your value proposition upfront. Your value prop answers the question, “What value does my brand deliver to my customers?” Check out how HiredHippo‘s landing page front-loads its value prop, so visitors have a clear understanding of what they offer: Image courtesy of HiredHippo. If you didn’t know what HiredHippo was before, the headline and subhead catch you up real quick. You start to understand the brand within the page’s first few sentences. Add social proof to the mix If your traffic surge isn’t converting, maybe it just needs an extra push with social proof. Social proof is content that shows that other customers back up your product—and it works. Research shows that a product’s chance of purchase can go up by 270% with five customer reviews. When you share social proof in an easy-to-see buy email list spot on your landing page, you’ll build more trust with newer customers. They’ll get the message that other customers have tried your product and stand by it. buy email list Social proof goes waaay beyond reviews, by the way—you can get super creative with them. Look how cat subscription box KitNipBox shares pictures of real kitty customers from Instagram: Image courtesy of KitNipBox. KitNipBox’s approach works because even though cats are their end-users, they can’t exactly write reviews.
Social proof is content that shows that other customers back up content media
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