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Omar Faruk
Jul 14, 2022
In General Discussion
Evaporation is high in this area, and the water vapor from the Dead Sea is filled with water, which dyes the earth-colored mountains behind it, like a dream. Every time I stop here, I can't help myself with the beauty in front of me. But, such a beauty is about to disappear, did you know that the Dead Sea is dying? Can you see the Dead Sea in your lifetime? According to official data, the level of the Dead Sea is dropping by more than a meter every year. Its surface area has ghost mannequin effect service decreased by about 30 percent over the past two decades. The Dead Sea is the terminal lake of the Jordan River, where the river stops and stops flowing. Areas in the Jordan River Basin, such as Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine and Jordan, all use the Jordan River as a water source. The increase in water consumption has led to a significant reduction in the amount of water flowing into the Dead Sea. In addition, due to the extraction of too much potassium fertilizer, the southern side of the Dead Sea has almost disappeared, and the upper and lower halves of the Dead Sea have also been cut in half. Many facilities around the Dead Sea are gradually moving away from the shore due to the shrinking of the Dead Sea. Such abrupt landscapes also force governments around the world to face up to the impact on the ecological environment caused by man-made destruction.
The Increase in Water Ghost Mannequin Effect Service content media
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