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omar faruk
Aug 03, 2022
In General Discussion
Of course, the accumulation of these emotionally motivated behaviors is likely to turn into more serious behaviors such as stealing and truancy. I don't like to use "behavioral problems" to describe the actions of "bad boys", because once you decide that what they are doing is wrong, the tools in your hand must be lethal. And parents usually fall in love with this weapon, believing that it will work soon, and the "problem behavior" will be stopped immediately. When you rely too much whatsapp database on this weapon, you fall into the trap of "all undesired behaviors in your child are behavioral problems" and lose the opportunity to understand your child. As the psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow noted in The Psychology of Science: "I think it's attractive that you treat everything like a nail, assuming the only tool you have is a hammer." Want more effective weapons? The "weapon" in my hand is to respect and understand the emotional code of children. The fourth episode of the live program "International Gale | Action Lecture" co-hosted by Li Hanwei and Cai Shanghua was broadcast on July 12. This episode invites Yang Jianping, Honorary Professor of National Defense University of Honduras, and Wu Zhengji, Director of International Affairs Office of World Vision Taiwan. Issues such as child protection are in urgent need of assistance, and learn about the community development work World Vision is actively promoting in Venezuela. At the same time, it also invites all walks of life to make joint efforts to help poor families and children return to normal life together with World Vision. From the perspective of World Vision, "do more and get more", what we get after giving is the abundant life of children.
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