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Mar 28, 2023
In Questions & Answers
Catch the eye, a company can use motion design videos or GIFs. Static content gives way to animation, creativity and entertainment. Digital also puts companies on an equal footing since in 2018 all companies have access to the internet, and therefore to digital communication. Associate them to communicate better? By keeping an eye on these two communication giants, we realize that they both have their specificities, which makes them somehow unique. So why not use them together to obtain a more powerful, but above all more varied communication strategy. Establish a multi-channel strategy The multichannel strategy is a method that aspires to use different communication media to have a more varied distribution fax list content and therefore reaching an important target. With a larger target, the impact of the message will be all the stronger. Social networks will allow you, for example, to broadcast a message or information very quickly. The print here can help boost the presence of followers on social networks, but also increase the visibility of your website. Combining digital and print communication is also differentiating. Companies will try to decide between the two to choose only one. Is it really necessary? The two being very different while having the common objective of conveying a message, they will make your communication strategy a much stronger strategy and will bring you a diversification of communication media. Multichannel in your marketing strategy The example of Ikea The Swedish giant Ikea has managed to use digital communication and print together. Indeed, its catalog known throughout the world arrives in the top 3 of the most printed catalogs.
At All The User Will Prefer To Change content media
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