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Apr 05, 2023
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Meet subscriber needs Head in the right direction How many times has it happened to you that you open a message click on a link and are not redirected to the promotion that interested you but to the home page? And look for the wind in the field! Me many times. So don't forget to check several times that all links lead to the right place and that the message displays well on different devices and mailboxes. I recently had a similar situation with an airline. I was interested in the promotion for flights to Oslo and by clicking on the link I was taken to the home page. how to make a subscriber fall in love Re searching for a flight takes time I didn't have at the time. But I gave them a second chance and wanted to like their Facebook fan page And again homepage. You can go crazy. need subscriber Offer value So jump to the third step of the pyramid. In this case the newsletter should be tailored to the expectations of recipients thanks to the use of e.g. personalization and segmentation. An interesting case is the mailing from IKEA which asks about customer impressions after making a purchase. newsletter ikea Anti cellulite cream for men Let's stop at this stage for a moment. When using whatsapp mobile number list personalization remember to choose content that fits the selected segment. In order not to overdo it with the effect of surprise. Just like the cosmetics brand did which sent an e mail to one of FreshMail's employees Łukasz saying Łukasz the season for shorts and miniskirts is just around the corner! offering products to fight cellulite. I have known Łukasz for several years. I've never seen him try on short shorts or a miniskirt. subscriber Time for the top of the pyramid the WOW effect Below are some examples of messages that made me fall in love with them. When I see an email from one of these brands in my inbox I can't wait to open it. Curiosity the first step to click You don't need complicated technologies or exceptional skills to create the following creation.
 I was redirected to the company's content media
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