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Apr 09, 2023
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There are also a number of other details to consider before you or the sales department are allowed to contact the leads. Also check the list for private individuals or spam for example. Create lead lists with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator The LinkedIn Sales Navigator also offers the possibility to generate leads and accordingly to create lead lists. In fact percent of all BB marketers see LinkedIn as a great source for lead generation. The benefit of LinkedIn? LinkedIn profiles are mostly for professional use only and are therefore well maintained and up-to-date. They provide information about which tasks and areas of responsibility a person has and at which hierarchical level they are moving. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the business platform's own sales tool with which you can target your target group using filter criteriacan select. You can create various lead Latest Mailing Database lists and even save leads. You can then use these lists for retargeting through advertising for example. We would advise against mailings at this point as GDPR compliance is critical. Create BB lead lists with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Source: In any case it is smart not to ignore the popular business platform when creating lead lists! Especially if you do social selling anyway. Generate lead lists using tools Of course you can also work with various tools that relieve you of creating a lead list. As an example we have checked three tools for you: Echobot TARGET With Echobot TARGET you can easily select your target group and find exactly the companies you want to address with many filter criteria industry company size turnover and much more. Echobot TARGET then gives you these companies as a pre-sorted and clear lead list. In addition you can use so-called trigger events to identify what is currently on a company's agenda - for example you can identify a move a change of name job cuts a redesign of the website and much more.
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