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Apr 09, 2022
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Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I feel this is a valid solution to fight spam that is rarely given For years, me and the wife had had dreams of setting up a bar in our house, obviously not a real bar, but one that we could prop up and to entertain our guests when we had a Email Database celebration or party. The first attempts were dismal failures. We had almost given up, when one day we managed to get a nice teak home bar for £50 from Ebay. Finally, maybe the gods of beer were smiling upon us. When we put it in our front room, we discovered that even so we had this nice looking teak home bar, it kind of looked like a shop counter, not the boozy bar we Email Database had always desired. How could we get the corner of our room looking the part? Would this cost us an arm Email Database and a leg? From some searches of the web, we found that some of the much needed dressing was quite expensive. Was there another way? Of course there was, and as the saying goes, where theres a will, theres a way! I asked about to all and sundry, did they know where I could acquire the stuff I was after? All anyone ever said was ask in your local Pubs to see if they had any surplus or old stuff going begging they no longer needed, or "borrow" items, like pub ashtrays, glasses, beer Email Database mats and so on (We do not condone stealing anything from any public house, this method is not acquiring free stuff, its theft, plain and simple) While these methods might get you a few items, it wasn't going to net you any great stuff in a short time.