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SA Ahad
Jul 28, 2022
In General Discussion
However, an aunt named Myasar said that she remembered that strange foreigners would come to the village in the past, ask children to line up and take pictures, and they would not mind. And in the years after her daughters, Saja and Othman, were photographed, the local grocery store occasionally received cards sent to the little ones. However, those cards were all written in English, which the family could not read at all. And how is Othman doing? He is a young man who likes to play video games. He failed the final exam in mathematics and has to retake the exam before he can go to university. Where did the sponsorship money go? popular database According to the report, Vision explained that it did not commit to direct donations from sponsors to sponsored children. The donation is for community projects. From 1996 to 2006, US$1.5 million was spent to help Husan village dig wells, build greenhouses, repair roads, prepare land for planting and repair fences, build a community center, and provide equipment for the village committee building. In other words, donations for sponsored children are donated to a regional project, not directly to children. Vision explained in the report that it had done an online survey of 4,000 people, and most of the donors understood that the money was donated to a place, not to the child in the picture on the sponsorship card. (Ms. Mussa said World Vision never promised sponsors that their money would directly support a specific child. Rather, the group pools the money for projects in the child's community. She said World Vision had conducted an online survey of 4,000 sponsors in which most said they understood the money was for the place, not the person in the picture.)
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