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Apr 10, 2023
In General Discussion
To begin with it is very important to define each one. What is marketing? Marketing refers to a long-term business activity which begins with market research and consumer behavior and ends with customer satisfaction. The main objective of this discipline is to attract capture retain and achieve the loyalty of new customers to increase the sales of a company and seek growth. Marketing unlike advertising is a much broader concept since its application includes the Ps that are part of the now classic definition of this concept. Product or service product In marketing the product is the object that is directed at the demand of consumers. This does not necessarily have to be something tangible it can be a service Whatsapp Mobile Number List that involves several processes or just an idea. Point of sale or distribution placement or a place where they are available for consumers to access them. The point of sale refers to the placement of the product or service in establishments physical or virtual that match its nature. The traffic of the target audience. Price It is what customers give as a means of exchange to obtain the product or service in question. Prices are a subjective measurement of the market value of the product and must be set taking into account various factors such as the creator's personal assessment macroeconomic phenomena among many others. The situation must be studied very well in order to establish a cost that consumers are willing to pay and that really leaves benefits for the company.
All products have to have a means  content media
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