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sukanto Kuri
Jul 18, 2022
In General Discussion
Now it is possible to objectively allow candidates to pass a short online computer appraisal questionnaire to accurately assess their actual ability. I have always felt that this platform appeared at the right time for a trend to take off, and the team is young and lively, so I am very optimistic about it. It is a pity that I was suddenly bought by a big company at the start-up stage (of course I am also very grateful). Paxata: Summarize complex and messy data, filter and clarify The big data analysis company "Paxata", a start-up company based in Redwood City, north of Silicon Valley, has assembled a group of data experts. The gathering of such talents is very rare, so before and after our Image Manipulation Service investment, some world-class investment institutions such as Intel (Intel), Microsoft (Microsoft), and Google (Google) have followed up together. What Paxata does is called Data Preparation. WTF? If you think about it this way, if the business information of every multinational company is like thousands of information lists with thousands of rows and columns, how can managers cut out the useful parts from such a vast ocean of data? At this time, you can use Paxata's tools to organize and filter complex and confusing data. Remove duplicates, filter out errors, and finally clean data can be presented to the next stage of users in an orderly manner. As abstract as it sounds, it's more difficult to do. Especially when your company needs to support a bunch of the most powerful software and data experts for development, the challenge is even greater. So Paxata also burned a lot of money before and after, and died several times. Fortunately, in 2019, it was acquired by another unicorn, Data Robot, which was preparing to go public, and I was relieved.
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