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FAIR is actively involved with advocacy in the legislative arena, as well as working with local attorneys to 

provide judicial relief for adolescents required to register as the result of a conviction for consensual sexual conduct with a minor.

Who Does FAIR Help?

FAIR was formed to provide relief for eligible offenders required to register as the result of a conviction for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, or its equivalent.

How Does FAIR Help?

FAIR spent five years lobbying the Ohio General Assembly for legislation that would allow judicial relief from registration for certain eligible, low-risk adolescents. Substitute House Bill 431 passed both Chambers on December 22, 2020, was signed by the Governor, and became effective April 12, 2021

What Does the Legislation Do?

Sub. H.B. 431 enacted Section 2950.151 of the Revised Code to provide a petition for termination or modification of the duty to register. Upon termination, the eligible offender can file to have his record sealed under an exception to Section 2953.36(A)(3) of the Revised Code.

Certain provisions of Sections 2950.151 and 2953.36 require revisions and clarification. FAIR will be working on amendments to: 1) remove the requirement that an eligible offender present evidence of completion of sex offender therapy certified by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, and 2) to allow lesser included offenses to be sealed.

What's Next for FAIR?

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