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Babu Islam
Jun 21, 2022
In General Discussion
User purchases: merchant replenishment: so how Whatsapp Mobile Number List do we understand business? I think we need to define the business first, and define what conditions it needs to meet to be a business. 1. Business = process + industry type baidu baike explains business in this way: "business" is more Whatsapp Mobile Number List vernacular, and it is the affairs that need to be dealt with in various industries. And we can understand it in depth through the scene. In our daily life, we have all experienced the scene of grocery shopping, taking grocery shopping as an example. We can go to the shopping mall to buy, or we can go to Whatsapp Mobile Number List the vegetable market (a vegetable market is a place where a certain place is designated to conduct related fruit and vegetable transactions, which can also Whatsapp Mobile Number List be called a market, a trade market, etc. To buy. Whether it is a single Whatsapp Mobile Number List vegetable or a variety of vegetables in the shopping mall, we can first select the favorite vegetables (select), put them in the trolley or shopping basket of the mall, and continue to choose other vegetables, just need to go out of the mall. You can make the payment (payment) before, and these Whatsapp Mobile Number List dishes belong to you after the payment is complete. When buying a variety of vegetables in the vegetable market, we also need to choose the favorite vegetables, but here you need to pay first, and after the payment Whatsapp Mobile Number List is completed, you can put the vegetables in your own vegetable basket or pocket, and then go to other stalls. Vegetable. In both scenarios, we can see that both have the same process, pick-pay-ownership.
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